The Llanas’

Hey, we’re
Sasha & Kevin. 

Sasha brings structure, detail and creativity. Kevin brings the party, a helpful hand and more creativity. All things necessary for a magical wedding day. Together we make a dream team!!

It’s so much more to us than just photos. It’s the experience we work so hard to give each and every one of our couples from this point on. We won't just be another one of your wedding vendors that show up on the day of and you never hear from again. We are passionate about what we do and who we do it for. Our relationships with our couples is something we treasure and are so grateful for. The truth is, typically your wedding photographer is going to be by your side for an extensive amount of time. It's so important that you choose the one that you vibe with most and the one that you feel most comfortable with. 

Whatever season of life you're in that led you to us, we want to celebrate with you. Whether that is your engagement, anniversary, wedding or growing your family. Whether you’re a lovey dovey, silly, romantic or corky kinda couple. It should be documented in the most authentic way and that's what we strive for.

I love capturing every little detail of someone's special day. Details you didn’t even know you wanted captured. My goal is for you to be able to relive your day through different points of view forever and ever.

I started WLP four years ago and it is easily the best thing I've ever done. I get to connect with so many amazing people and document one of the most special and intimate days of their lives and many milestones after. Someone pinch me!!

/ Meet Sasha

Your detail oriented bestie and extra bridesmaid you didn't know you needed!

No seriously, the genuine bond I have with my brides is like no other. Need help choosing outfits for your engagement session? Advice on which hairstyle would look best with your wedding dress? Worried about having one less bridesmaid than groomsmen? Literally just text me and I'll give you my honest opinion. 

/ Meet kevin

Your hype man and the calm in the chaos!

Do you think you and your person are awkward in front of the camera? Trust me, if anyone understands you, it’s me. It may be hard to believe but I used to hate having my photo taken. After many photoshoots with Sasha, those nerves went away and now I genuinely enjoy it and love having our memories captured. With this comfort came my appreciation for capturing other couples' special moments and making their experience with us a positive and comfortable one. 

After three years of photographing weddings alongside my wife, I have learned my absolute favorite part is being your hype man!! Get ready for all the compliments and words of encouragement!! I’ve been in your shoes and know how nerve racking your wedding day is and I take pride in knowing that I can be the one to ease just a little bit of those nerves. 

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mountain lovers

Coffee obsessed

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