What is Beloved?

Beloved isn't just a photo session, it's an experience. It's a re-connection with the people you love. With yourself. It's a space for honest emotion and honest expression. It's joy. It's laughter. It's you being the breathtakingly beautiful person you are when no one else is looking. It's a celebration and a remembrance of the most important part of your life. It's a place where your love has the room to stretch its legs and run free.

Beloved was created by Canadian photographer Jesh de Rox as a way for couples, families and individuals to re-discover the love that can sometimes get lost in the middle of everyday life. The vision is for it to be a way for photographers to touch the world around them, one relationship at a time. He is training photographers around the world in this style of photography so that there are no limits to the amount of people who can experience Beloved.

Beloved is easier felt than explained, but trust me when I say Beloved is for you. Beloved is for everyone. Contact me for more information and to schedule a session.

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