This is probably going to sound a little biased, but I truly believe that the money you spend on photographs are among the most important dollars you'll spend in your life. Whether it be for your wedding, your new baby, your family or the love of your life, it is an investment that will prove valuable time and again. Photographs are the only way we have of holding onto our most irreplaceable and significant memories.

Wedding package pricing starts at $2500 and includes an engagement session and full-day coverage.

Portrait session pricing starts at $300. All portrait sessions include a disc of print quality images.

I build packages individually based on your needs, with prints, albums and canvases handled a la carte. Please contact me for more details!

Travel fees (if outside of the Twin Cities area) and sales tax apply.

What types of portrait sessions do you offer? Engagement, couples, family, newborns, little kids, older kids, Beloved, just because - you name it, I shoot it. Except for high school senior portraits. Sorry, those just aren't my bag.

Where should we have our pictures taken? Anywhere and everywhere. If it's significant to you, that's where I want to shoot. It could be a coffee shop you frequent, a bookstore you both love, a park where you like to run around and play, or heck, even the gas station where you met after accidentally reaching for the same Gatorade. It's you who make the locations beautiful, not the other way around.

What should I/we wear? Whatever you like. I think I may be violating some golden photography rule in saying that, but so be it. I want you to feel comfortable and feel like you look good. Chances are if a color washes you out, you probably don't really wear it anyway. And personally I don't like matchy-matchy, but if you want to show up looking like the Von Trapp family singers, I won't stand in your way.

How much time should we schedule for photos on our wedding day? Wedding days are crazy, this is a fact. I do my absolute best to fit myself into your schedule, no matter how hectic. However, if you only give me 10 minutes, your photos will reflect that. The more time I get, the more creative I can be, and the happier you will be with the finished product. Plain and simple. I also believe that years from now you will care more about the pictures of the two of you than you will about any of the rest of them, so I like to spend as much time as possible with you, the bride and groom, and plan all other photographs accordingly based on time available. In a best case scenario, I have about 2.5 hours for everything (portraits, bridal party, family, etc).

How long does it take to get our photos? I will be honest and upfront with you from the start, I have a full-time job aside from running this business. That being said, for portrait sessions you can expect a 3-4 week turn around and for weddings between 6-8 weeks.

What does full-day coverage mean? My wedding pricing is not based on how many hours I will be shooting your wedding. I don't believe it's useful to me or to you to break it down that way and have us both stressed out about staying within a certain timeline. Every wedding is different and I want to work with you to create a schedule that fits whatever is going on that day. Suffice it to say I will be there when you need me and as long as you need me.

Do you have a second shooter? Yes, I do. 9 times out of 10 it is my husband, Gabe, because I trust him the most with everything in my life, including this. Many of the wedding images you see on this website are his handiwork. If he is unavailable, the second shooter will be someone else, but I will always have one. I just work better that way.

Do you travel? Absolutely! If I can get the time off from that full-time job I mentioned above, I will be there. And I will let you know right away if that's not a possibility.

"Megan, thank you so much for these photos! I am so excited about all of them! What I love most about your work is the candids that you capture. You don't do the lame posed 'smile and say cheese' photos, but rather capture such personal moments that lead to lasting memories. Thanks again for everything!!"

  • Stacy

"Our engagement photos were so beautiful. Being able to look at them in the middle of all of our hectic wedding planning totally changed my stressed out attitude - for the first time in a while, the clouds parted and her photos showed the true meaning of why we wanted to get married in the first place - somehow Megan worked her magic and captured perfectly the way I feel when I look at John. My engagement photos were simply magical - that was really the only word for them."

  • Meagan

"I can't tell you how much I adore the photos! You are amazingly talented. I just love them. They're something I'll cherish forever!"

  • Laura

"What can I say, Megan. You're perfection. Thank you so much for being a part of that day for us. The pictures are beautiful."

  • Ben

"I just have to tell you how in awe we are of your talent. You have such a gift for sorting through the craziness (and, let's face it, wedding days are!) and finding the heart of what's going on. You captured so many beautiful, intimate moments. So many things that I missed, or that I only remembered after seeing them retold in your pictures - and my memory of the day is, I can tell you, better for you having been there."

  • Ashley

"I’m in tears and all smiles right now. I LOVE them!!! In every image I don’t see a family or couple portrait…I just see 'us' and it makes my heart swell. Thank you so much for finding us. LOVE you and your gift!"

  • Kristina

"I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again (and again, and again). You are amazing. Not everyone can do what you do. Thank you! These memories of our first sweet days together as a family of 4 will be cherished forever."

  • Laura

"LOVE THEM MEGAN! Thank you sooo much! I loved having you there with us, you made the day so awesome!"

  • Jessica