Who is WLP?

Let’s be real. I love photography. Upside-down, backwards and sideways love it. I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t because, the truth is, everything I do in my life is motivated by that one, magical emotion. LOVE. I truly believe in discovering what you’re passionate about and then doing it, no matter what. One day back in 2009 I had a lightbulb moment that I wanted to be a photographer more than anything in the world and from then on I’ve been doing everything I could to make that happen.

When it comes to photography, I do my best to adhere to one, fundamental rule. To capture Y-O-U. The real you. The you you love best. The you that feels and loves and hurts and laughs until you cry. I want it all, all the realness you have to give, to pour out of the lens of my camera. Life is too short for fake and boring. Don’t you agree? Good. Now that we got that out of the way, it’s business time*.

The Basics:

My name is Megan Frances Eckers. Feel free to call me any variation of any of those names. I am pro-nickname.

I live in Minneapolis, MN. I love this city, but the weather drives me bonkers.

I am short and scrappy.

I have been married since 2008 to this really fantastic guy named Gabe. His wedding present to me was my first DSLR camera. BEST PRESENT EVER.

Gabe is the bomb. Literally. He makes my heart explode.

I was raised to tell it like it is.

Without Jesus, I am nothing.

I want to know your story.

The Not-so-basic:

I was born in Florida, roughly 20 minutes from the Alabama border. I give myself permission to sing along to Sweet Home Alabama and mean it.

I have a sarcastic and sometimes crude sense of humor.

I love scary movies and I am afraid of the dark. Go figure.

If we hang out, I will probably ask you what your favorite book is. Today mine is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Tomorrow it could be different.

I have four tattoos. One of them is Beatles lyrics. Needless to say, my love knows no bounds.

I don't drink coffee. I KNOW. Weird.

On the other hand, my favorite adult beverage is a tie between anything with bourbon in it and a Kir Royale.

My cat’s name is Susannah Tiberius. She plays fetch and is all around the most awesome cat I’ve ever met.

I am a cinephile.

I want to live in too many places.

I LOVE dancing.

Cleaning is therapeutic for me.

When it comes to food, 9 times out of 10 I am craving pizza.

I am fascinated by things both morbid and macabre.

I was a Spanish minor in college. My favorite Spanish word is estacionamiento. Parking lot.

My brain is a sponge for useless pop culture information. I frequently begin sentences with “Have you seen...?” because I like to compare things that happen in real life to TV, movies and Youtube videos as a way to communicate with people. I am still calculating the effectiveness of this.

I once sat on half of a jellyfish when I was really little. For the record, they can still sting even when they aren’t whole.

*Click me.